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Automated share trading platform.

Richway is always better than manual trading. Richway is fully automatic trading without any manual intervention. Our web-based Richway terminal works with the leading brokers of India who those are providing facilities of API based trading.


API Bridge

API bridges play a vital role in connecting algorithmic trading software with the trading infrastructure, allowing for automated trading, real-time data analysis, and efficient execution of trading strategies. They enhance the speed, accuracy, and reliability of trading operations, enabling traders to take advantage of market opportunities effectively.

ALGO Trading

Algorithmic trading, also known as algo trading or automated trading, is a method of executing trades in financial markets using computer algorithms. It involves the use of pre-defined sets of rules and instructions to automatically place trades, manage positions, and execute orders without the need for human intervention.

Auto Buy & Sell Signals

Auto buy and sell signals in the share market refer to automated notifications or indications generated by trading systems or algorithms that suggest when to buy or sell a particular stock or security. These signals are based on predefined rules and technical indicators programmed into the trading system.

Strategy Development

MT4 and MT5 indicators, Master Advisors, Calculators, and even Money Management formulas are the main Trading tools. Most of these tools are special indicators. These tools have one main objective, to assist brokers with estimating future value changes. We at Richway with a group of expert MT4/MT5 software engineers to build up your trading strategy

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Richway is India's First Auto robot trading terminal which is based on a web-browser. It is preloaded with the best Richway Such as Money Machine and Eagle trading system.

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